Dr Nathwani is the only Invisalign provider at Kensington Dental Spa. He personally provides the unique and tailored treatment package for each patient.

Dr Hanel Nathwani, who works at the prestigious Kensington Dental Spa, on Kensington High Street, has been an Invisalign practitioner for many years. Invisalign is an alternative to traditional braces used to align teeth.

The Invisalign designation Diamond status is based on the number of Invisalign treatments completed by the practitioner, in this case 150 in a calendar year. This demonstrates an extensive amount of knowledge and experience. Being awarded this status shows that Dr Nathwani is extremely competent in this field of work and has a high number of patients who have received successful treatment plans.

When asked about the achievement, Dr Nathwani said: “I am delighted to be one of only five practitioners to achieve this status, I am passionate about my work and it really is fantastic that this has been recognised”.

Dr Nathwani qualified from Birmingham Dental School and has always shown a flair for cosmetic dentistry.

Not content with simply practicing his craft, Dr Nathwani is constantly seeking new ways to improve and develop professionally. Since graduating from dental school he has attended numerous postgraduate courses throughout the world. Two of the most significant have been the world-renowned Rosenthal Institute, in New York, and the Peter Dawson occlusion course, in Florida. Dr Nathwani has demonstrated his constant development by achieving Platinum Invisalign status and then Platinum Elite status. His recent achievement of Diamond status is the highest possible achievement.

Dr Nathwani branched out from general dentistry and successfully completed a course in restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry also facial aesthetics. He provides inman aligner and six month smile services. Dr Nathwani therefore provides a comprehensive list of services from smile makeovers and facial rejuvenation to cosmetic orthodontics. His areas of expertise include teeth whitening, Inman aligner, veneers, full mouth reconstruction and Invisalign treatment services and he works with a team of in-house experts and specialists at Kensington Dental Spa to further provide a full-service Solutions Focused approach to his clients needs. This minimises inconvenience and expense by combining their talents in timely and effective treatments for their clients.

Invisalign differs from traditional braces in significant ways. It is not only more pleasant to look at than traditional braces but also provides a more effective result. It allows greater control by the dental practitioner leading to a more effective finish. Clear aligners are worn by the patient and changed every two weeks until the desired smile is achieved. This is usually within 6-12 months. The result will be decided by the patient and practitioner before the treatment starts. This can be done using 3D simulations so the patients know what the results will look like. The expertise of the dental practitioner are required to make unique aligners tailored to the individual patients.

In order to offer the Invisalign treatment dental practitioners must attend additional training to ensure a high standard of expertise.

Dr Nathwani has been practicing at Kensington Dental Spa for the past three years. Kensington Dental Spa is a treatment centre based in London. It is open six days a week to patients with routine appointments as well as emergencies. It offers a full range of dental services at comparative prices. These services include cosmetic treatment as well as general and restorative dentistry. Nine clinicians work for the well-known practice offering various specialisms.

Dr Nathwani is a well-respected member of staff the Kensington Dental Spa team with a colleague stating: “We are all over the moon with Hanel’s achievement. He always goes above and beyond to get the best results and this status reflects that.’

Dr Nathwani has also proven to be extremely popular with patients, most of which are aged 18-45 and are delighted with the results of his work. One of his Invisalign patients said of their treatment: “Dr Nashwani is so patient. I’m terrified of the dentist and would never have had this treatment if he hadn’t been so calming. The results have changed my life.”

Patients travel from all over the UK to see Dr Nathwani. When not working Dr Nathwani enjoys taking part in a range of sports, as well as travelling the world.

Dr Nathwani is the only Invisalign provider at Kensington Dental Spa. He personally provides the unique and tailored treatment package for each patient.

Dr Nathwani is available at Kensington Dental Spa for routine appointments as well as emergency appointments. Appointments can be booked online through the Kensington Dental Spa website, or by telephone. He can be contacted by telephone or by using the contact form on the Kensington Dental Spa website.

About the Kensington Dental Spa:
The dental clinic offers exceptional Dentistry and Healthcare in Kensington, London. We are a group of expert and specialist dentists many of whom are second and third-generation dentists. We are continually improving our processes and policies to provide the most modern and effective evidence-based techniques. Our approach and premises are truly purpose-built to provide a full-service Solutions Focused approach to our clients needs, minimising inconvenience and expense by combining their talents in timely and effective treatments.

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