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What Is A Dental Bridge?

A bridge is used to replace missing teeth by using the adjacent teeth either side of the gap as anchors. There are different types of bridges available that can fix to one or more of the surrounding teeth for support. Usually, a crown needs to be placed on the adjacent tooth/teeth and these are attached to the artificial tooth, coloured and shaped to look natural.

The artificial tooth is strong and can be treated as a normal tooth. After an initial consultation with you we will discuss the most appropriate treatment options to restore your smile.

When is a bridge used?

Bridges, implants & dentures are used to replace badly broken, extracted or missing teeth, usually due to trauma, excessive tooth wear or defects.

There are different options for dental bridges depending on your needs such as Maryland Dental Bridges, Cantilever Bridges and Fixed-Removable and Fixed-Fixed Dental Bridges.

How much does a dental bridge cost?

The cost of a dental bridge varies depending on your situation.

Typically, the fees for a dental bridge range start from £350 depending on your individual case. You can book a free consultation with our specialist to understand your options, as well as alternatives that may suit your lifestyle.

We offer 0% finance and other payment options to help you spread the cost of your treatment.

Please see our fee guide here or book a free consultation for advice on the treatment and your suitability.

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